This is an invitation to join the Ensign Echat trading community even if you are not an Ensign user.  Echat can be downloaded here:  http://www.ensignsoftware.com/downloads.php and a video (14) on how to use it is here if you need it:  http://www.ensignsoftware.com/support/videos.php

The BLine room is room 2 in echat.   Due to the large number in the room, we use Ventrilo for voice. This is NOT the same as Voice chat. Voice chat is for the smaller rooms. Please install and setup Ventrilo before connecting to avoid feedback.


The Bline room's main focus is education. We often do specific classes on Weds at 4:30 EST and try to do at least one playback on weekends. Anytime a question is asked it will be answered...naturally the long answer is usually when market is closed. There is no silly question but the unasked one. (The room also helps with Ensign support when they are closed and is there to shorten the learning curve for Ensign users.  Often there is help with Sierra and other programs too.)

Sierra users:
The Study Collection for B-Line in Sierra is named "Buffy" and is located in the analysis drop down menu on the Sierra charting program on version 406 or higher

Ninja users:
The template is available here:

List of common terms used in room

Explanation of indicators on charts

There are many templates available not only through Ensign internet services but also at DaCharts.

Our current template is called buttons. Please understand that the template can be customized to how you want it to look. I recommend unchecking objects in the property window rather than deleting them.

This chart shows the termonology you will hear and show you how to adjust your chart properties window to make the candles look the same.


The following are links to some of the previously written articles.

Steps to learning a setup to trade profitably

Price Action - The Footprint of the Money

MOFs and Slings (Newsletter)

MOFs/Slingshot class

Stops and Exits

Also discussed starting with chart 4 here


This one is not expected to be understood right away but at least you will have it
Divergence Trading
If Price is making HH and HL
The Regular Divergence - RD - is on the highs
and Hidden Divergence - HD is on the lows

If price is making LH and LL
The RD is on the lows
and HD is on the highs

Test Divergence - price testing a previous swing high or low

Directory of 2X_Bline for education and examples

The following link is focused explaination of terminology


Enjoy and feel free to ask questions.
The only stupid question is the unasked one.

Other good discussion under trading discussions at www.dacharts.com
There are also many folders under Chart Archives that have charts examples relevant to the topic of the folder.

Learn Basic Price Action by going through kindergarten and first grade.

Have a trading plan but just can't push the button? Following this link should help!

Profitable with simming but can't pull the trigger RT? Mark Douglas has some good insight at the following link

Trader Affirmation CD - recommended by NQoos

Link to book on line:

Suggested readings on Price Action (PA)

Good trading,

Last updated 01/05/2012