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index trading education: The best free e-mini index futures trading education. Low risk entry strategies, simple high probability trades, risk/reward analysis. Run by down-to-earth folks who trade for a living and are willing to share what they know. They also provide some paid educational services that are very worthwhile.

PalTalk has numerous voice-chat forums on daytrading the e-mini index futures. Real traders get together and share what they know and what they see as it develops. Some are more for mutual support, others are more education-oriented. Some folks just call their trades but won't explain them. The chats run by TrendVUE are the most educational, but the others can be helpful too to get an idea of the variety of trading styles out there. Download the PalTalk chat software for free and go to the Business/Finance area.

[Update May 2007 - since 2006, most users of daCharts have switched from PalTalk to eChat, which is a private multi-room chat system provided at no charge by Ensign Software. You can download it from their site, and don't have to use Ensign to use eChat. - scylnx]